Does the Nintendo 3DS XL Come With an AC Adapter?

There’s some confusion over whether or not the Nintendo 3DS XL comes packed with an AC adapter/battery charger. The answer depends on where you live. If you buy a Nintendo 3DS XL in North America, Australia, or Korea, you’ll find an AC adapter packed with your system. If you live in Japan or Europe, however, your Nintendo 3DS XL will not include an AC adapter at purchase.

Children with new 3DS devices, one (in US) with an adapter, one (in Japan) without
Lifewire / Jie En Lee

You can use a Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS adapter to charge your 3DS XL. If you lack that kind of hardware, you can buy an adapter separately, or as part of a bundle with a Nintendo 3DS XL charger cradle.

Note that North American/Korean/Australian Nintendo 3DS XL systems are packed with AC adapters, but do not include a Nintendo 3DS XL charger cradle.