Best 3D Printers Rated by People Who Use Them Daily or Often

3D Printer Reviews can be tricky; ask regular users for their thoughts

Lulzbot TAZ 4

TJ McCue

If you are researching 3D printers, which one to buy, or even which one to use, you cannot go wrong by using the list or index that 3D Hubs publishes each year. These reviews come from the 2015 guide. In fact, the company releases a trends document each month, in which it shares the top printers in use on the 3D Hubs network and how those users rate the printers.

As some of our readers know, we're a fan of what 3D Hubs is building – a network of 3D printers around the world so that you can print from anywhere. That is a big deal because lots of people are not yet willing or able to buy a printer, but they still might want to 3D print a model. 3D Hubs gives them a great chance of finding a nearby printer. In fact, 3D Hubs calculated that a 3D Printer is within 10 miles for over one billion people on the planet (likely the world’s biggest metropolitan areas).

Back to the reviews: Publishing a running rating, each month, ensures that this information is pretty fresh with top printers moving rank from time to time. And you get insights based on active use.

But the annual report, the 2015 3D Printer Guide, highlights the best 18 printers as voted by the community. As they state: “The guide is based on 2279 reviews on 235 different 3D printer models, which really shows the full power of our global community. 1623 years of combined 3D Printing experience — wow, how impressive is that!”

Note: The guide is web-based, not a PDF, and that works well because you can jump between categories and read more details and reviews with just a click. 

They break it down with five main categories: Enthusiast, Plug-n-Play, Kit/DIY, Budget, and Resin. Based on votes, and by the way, you can sort by different criteria. Again, by vote, here they are:



Kit/ DIY



So the guide rounds up the top printers across the 12-month time period, still making it one of the most comprehensive (if not the most) reports on individual 3D printers on the market today.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the monthly May Trends report, which starts with a summary:

Highest Rated Desktop Printers

“In May, the Form 1+ reclaimed the crown as the highest rated desktop printer. With 400+ reviews, it's also the most popular resin printer on 3D Hubs. MakerBot's Mini is on the rise, jumping from #6 to #2 this month. Zortrax's M200 lost the pole position, claiming 3rd place in this month's report.

DeltaWASP, the high-end delta printer from Italy is steadily moving up the chart, now in the 4th spot, while Lulzbot's Taz 4 skyrocketed from #14 into the top 5. The Flashforge Creator also had a spectacular rise, jumping from the 15th spot to the 8th position. There are no new printers in the top 20 this month. Instead, May is the "return to glory" month. The original Replicator from MakerBot and the first Ultimaker appear again in our top 20.”

In the monthly report, they added an industrial class or category:

Highest Rated Industrial Printers

The Objet Eden 260 and Projet 3500 HDMax both managed to secure complete 5-star ratings, taking home first and second place respectively, while the ProJet 460Plus fell back slightly, claiming 3rd place.

The Objet Pro 30 moved up 2 spots and now claims #6, and new to our list is the uPrint, Stratasys' entry level FDM printer, which claimed the 10th position.

As another bonus, we wanted to share the Top 3D Print Cities. In the Monthly report, the following cities and their ranks:

  • #1: “It's called "The City That Never Sleeps" for a reason. New York extended its lead as the top print city, with 248 3D printers available on 3D Hubs.
  • #2: Milan breached the impressive 200 mark.
  • #3: Los Angeles grew a staggering 18.4%, extending its lead ahead of London with 187 3D printers.
  • #4: London with 175.
  • #5: Paris with 138.
  • #6: Amsterdam 108.
  • #7: Eindhoven 108.
  • #8: Antwerp 108.
  • #9: Boston sprinted into our top 10 with a strong 18.2% growth. Total 104.
  • #10: Den Haag with 101.

So, if you are in the market for a 3D Printer, this list is an awesome place to start. It is an ever-changing list, and you can dig in on their methodology.