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3D Desert Run - Free PC Game
3D Desert Run - Free PC Game.

About 3D Desert Run Free PC Game

3D Desert Run is a three-dimensional flying simulation game where players pilot a hover jet as they race through the desert collecting stars. Obstacles abound in 3D Desert Run with rocks and cactus for a player to dodge as well as being chased by another hovercraft trying to stop you from collecting the 11 stars required to win the game. 3D Desert Run also features fuel management and a radar to help avoid enemies and find the stars. The faster the player can collect stars the higher score they will obtain. The game is played from a 3-D isometric or "top-down" third person point of view.

3D Desert Run is a free PC game that is available for download from the few download links listed below. The game is completely free to download and play. Originally developed back in 2001, the game appears to have been abandoned by the original developer and future releases or updates are unlikely.

Many user reviews of 3D Desert Run posted on many of the hosting sites are fairly negative. Criticisms of the game include the repetitive gameplay, simplistic graphics nd poor controls. While the game does not offer much, it is worth noting that it does have basic mechanics and gameplay of a top-down shooter game. The premise and gameplay can be used as a template that could be improved upon if you are looking to create your own PC games using either OpenGL or another development API.

Those wanting to give 3D Desert Run a try, be sure to follow one of the external download links below. The game is less than 1 MB in size so the download, installation, and start-up should be less than five minutes. Those not wanting to take a chance on 3D Desert Run are encouraged to return to the Free PC Game List to find another free PC game to download and play.

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