3 Ways to Organize Your MP3 Music Collection

Essential tasks for your music collection

Very often your digital music library contains a random collection of MP3s,WMAs, and other audio file formats that could be optimized, and organized better. This article will show you some of the ways that you can manipulate your music library to improve it. Find out how to perform essential tasks such as MP3 normalization, file format conversion, and more.

MP3Gain - Main Screen
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The trouble with downloading music from various sources on the Internet is that not all the files in your library will play at exactly the same volume. This makes listening to your music annoying when you have to continually fiddle about with your volume button. MP3Gain is a freeware program that can normalize all your MP3 files without resampling them. This makes the process very quick, and doesn’t degrade the audio files in any way. More »

Image © 2008 Mark Harris - Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Not all of your MP3 files may have the metadata information in them to enable software media players such as Winamp to display information such as artist, title, album, etc. From a music library point-of-view, not having the right ID3 tag data can also make finding the music you want difficult; missing information such as artist, or genre can give you a real headache when trying to find albums and individual tracks. Even though most media playing software has a basic ID3 tag editor, editing multiple files is normally unsupported. TigoTago is a great little freeware program that can make mass-editing MP3 ID3 tags a breeze. More »

The WMA audio format is a popular standard that has many benefits, and is supported by many portable devices. However, there may be times when you will need to convert from the WMA to MP3 format. For example, the iPod doesn’t support WMA file playback and so you’ll need to perform this task for compatibility reasons. Media monkey is a popular free program that not only is a good digital music library manager, but can also help you to convert between audio formats quickly. More »