3 New Apps That Are Shaping the Future of Messaging

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The Future of Messaging

The future of messaging
Messaging isn't limited to text and images. Check out three new apps ushering in the future of mobile communication. Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images

There are many ways to communicate using messaging apps today – and the options are only growing. Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Kik, Viber, even good old-fashioned text messaging are all options. But many of the existing platforms limit the content of your messages to text, graphics, and maybe some video. But that's not the extent of how we could communicate if we had the right tools. 

Enter the next generation of messaging apps. These apps provide a wealth of functionality for creating messages that are fun and entertaining. And, they point to a future where messaging is a rich, engaging experience – where people have the freedom to craft their messages in incredibly personalized ways.

Let's take a look at three apps shaping the future of messaging. 

Next: Turn your message into a song with Ditty

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Ditty: Turn Your Message Into a Song

Turn your messages into songs with Ditty. Ditty

Ditty is on a mission to revolutionize messaging by turning your texts into musical creations. And with the range of features available in this app, including the ability to add video, gifs, and images as well as customize the style of song your message turns into, the options are truly unlimited.

Download and open the app – it’s available exclusively for mobile – and you’re presented with the option to type a message. Do so, then click next.

You’ll hear your message sung in the style of the song listed at the top of the app.

Don’t like the tune? No problem! Tap on the arrow at the top right of the screen and you’ll be presented with a list of songs to choose from, some free, some available for $.99. Select your new song and your message will be instantly applied.

The actual text of your message will appear in motion graphics while the song, with your lyrics, plays in the background. You can also add your own images and videos, or select from a range of GIFs which can be added to your masterpiece.

Ready to share your creation? The app’s interface makes it easy to send it to friends via text message, Facebook Messenger or even share it on Instagram. You can also save it to your phone, giving you the ability to share it on other social and messaging platforms.

Ditty is a fun way to amplify your message through the use of music and visuals. Give it a try!

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Next: Enter a virtual world and chat via a 3D avatar on Rawr

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Rawr: 3D Avatar Chat

Chat in a 3D world using your customized avatar on Rawr. Rawr

According to the company’s website, Rawr Messenger “is the next generation mobile messenger, showcasing new communication through customizable avatars and text that comes to life through animation.” And they aren’t kidding!

The Rawr Messenger app offers a huge array of fun ways to interact with both existing and new friends. Rawr uses “3D avatar chat,” which means that you are represented as an avatar in a virtual world.

Download and open the app, which is available only for mobile, and you’re prompted to customize your avatar in order to get started.

The level of customization is astounding – everything from body shape to eye color to facial hair and outfits can be changed, for free.

Once you are properly outfitted, you can find existing friends by giving the app access to the contacts on your phone, or connecting the app with your Facebook account, but can also find new friends in the Globetrotter section.

Just tap on Globetrotter on the bottom of the screen, and then tap Start

You can converse with new friends who enter the room, and can also prompt your avatar to perform actions such as #dance, or #wave. Rawr is free to use, and also contains a “mall” where you can shop for items to make your avatar stand out.

The app combines the convenience of a chat app and the entertainment of a video game to create a new way to interact.

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Next: Create a private video chat room with Houseparty

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Houseparty: Video Chat for Groups

Chat with up to 7 friends by video in real time with Houseparty. Houseparty

From the makers of Meerkat comes the next generation of video chat. Welcome to Houseparty, a new video chat app which allows you to chat in real time with up to seven friends.

Meerkat, the live streaming video app which enabled anyone to broadcast to the general public, gained enormous popularity when it first launched, acquiring 28,000 in its first week.

A lot of that success was due to the apps integration with Twitter; a tweet was automatically sent to a broadcaster’s followers when a live session began. But the walls came crashing down when Twitter cut Meerkat’s access to the social graph – meaning that automatic tweets were no longer sent – which significantly reduced the number of people who knew about the live broadcasts.

Then, like a one-two punch, Twitter launched their own streaming service, Periscope, followed by the launch of Facebook Live video, making the live streaming landscape extremely competitive.

In the meantime,  however, the Meerkat team was learning an important lesson: live broadcasts were slowing down. While at the beginning of Meerkat’s history people were streaming frequently, those streams were becoming more infrequent – weekly, or monthly, as compared to daily. The “one to many” broadcasting paradigm was cracking.

Enter Houseparty, the new app from the Meerkat team, where the focus is on “spontaneous togetherness” with friends. The app essentially serves as a modern-day, video chat room.

Download and open the app and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address, name, username, and password. You’ll then verify your mobile phone number (Houseparty is only available as a mobile app), and be prompted to allow access to your contacts in order to find your friends on the app.

You can also send friends and invitation directly. One of the key features is the ability to “lock” a chat, resulting in a private video chat room for up to eight people.

Most of the users on Houseparty are under the age of 25 (a result of heavy marketing by the company to schools and universities), and the app, used by over a million people, is being touted as the "social network for Generation Z."

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