The Best 24 to 29-Inch LED/LCD TVs of 2023

They're not 4K, but they're also not $4K

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Not all TVs have to be 65 or 75 behemoths with 4K displays. Sometimes the right TV in the right place is all that's needed. These aren't the highest-end TVs around, but they'll fit almost any budget and space.

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Best 720p 28-Inch TV 28-Inch TV


What We Like
  • Volume limiter function

  • Plenty of inputs

  • One year warranty

What We Don't Like
  • No smart functionality

The 28-inch TV uses a full array LED panel to deliver 720p resolution. This TV features a volume limiter function that lets you set a volume cap, so you don't disturb others. It also has a headphone jack on the back for private listening. Setting up all your media devices, game consoles, and home theater equipment is quick and easy with three HDMI inputs, a USB port, a VGA port, and an RF coax input. This TV's slim, sleek design ensures that it will blend seamlessly into almost any decor. backs this TV with a one-year warranty and U.S.-based customer service to help troubleshoot issues.

Best Budget

Westinghouse 24-Inch TV

Westinghouse 24-Inch TV


What We Like
  • V-chip parental controls

  • Built-in TV tuner

  • Full HD

What We Don't Like
  • No smart functionality

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

  • Only one HDMI port

The Westinghouse 24-inch TV is a solid small-format model with a price point that will fit all but the absolute tightest budgets. It features a full array LED panel to produce a 720p HD resolution, so you'll always get a great picture whether you're watching cartoons with the kids or a hockey game in the garage. If you're looking to use it in a kids' playroom or bedroom, it's built with a V-Chip for expanded parental controls to keep little ones from accessing shows that aren't age appropriate. 

While it doesn't have any built-in smart functionality, it has an HDMI input to connect a streaming device like a Roku, AppleTV, or FireTV box to access thousands of apps and shows. The built-in TV tuner lets you watch over-air local news broadcasts and other programming for more ways to watch your favorite shows and movies. A headphone jack is on the back of the TV for private listening when watching a movie or playing games, so you don't disturb others.

How to Buy a 24-29 inch TV

A small-format screen is your best bet if you're in the market for a new television but are short on space. Top brands like LG and Vizio and smaller manufacturers like Westinghouse and RCA offer plenty of options in the 24-29 inch screen category. Not all small-format televisions are created equal, though. While you'll be hard-pressed to find a screen this small that offers 4K UHD resolution, there are plenty that can give you great 1080p full HD.

Along with lower screen resolutions, you'll also come across small-format televisions with no smart features and still rely on cable, satellite, or over-air broadcast signals or playback devices to watch anything. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, mainly if it is meant to be a secondary television or placed in a camper or RV; you won't be able to get a Wi-Fi signal in a campground, or if you don't want little ones to access inappropriate content, having a "dumb" TV for their playroom or bedroom is a good idea. We'll break down some other important factors to consider when buying a small-format TV to help you decide which is correct.

Screen Resolution and Audio

Televisions smaller than 30 inches generally don't offer 4K UHD resolution. However, many brands have small-format models with excellent 1080p support. Since streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ offer most of their content in 1080p, you can take full advantage of your television's resolution and picture quality. The smallest televisions use 720p standard HD resolution because even full HD uses too many pixels for TVs under 25 inches. TVs with lower resolution are an excellent option for customers who prefer traditional broadcast media over streaming since many cable, satellite, and over-air programming don't use high-resolution images. 

Besides picture quality and screen resolution, audio quality and technology vary widely among small-format televisions. All TVs have built-in stereo speakers, but not all small-format models use them similarly. Higher-end brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony often utilize Dolby audio technology to give you virtual surround sound options or simply fuller audio for a more cinematic experience. Other brands like TCL and Vizio feature headphone jacks or Bluetooth support for headsets, so you can privately listen to your favorite music, shows, and movies without disturbing others. Many manufacturers make small-format televisions with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to wirelessly connect external audio equipment like soundbars for better audio and custom home theater configurations.

Wall Mounting and Portability

Now that you've decided what screen resolution works best for you, it's time to decide where to put your new TV. Almost all televisions come packaged with attachable pedestal stands or legs for placement on a table, shelf, or dedicated media center. This makes placing your TV anywhere in your home, camper, or RV easy. However, if you're short on space and can't use a dedicated table, many televisions, including small-format ones, can be mounted on wall brackets. Current TVs use mounting brackets and holes certified by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), ensuring consistency between TV and bracket models. This means you can use almost any bracket with virtually any TV without special modifications. You can mount your TV on the wall next to or above your refrigerator to follow along with cooking videos or catch up on the news over breakfast or dinner if you don't want to sacrifice counter space.

Wall mounting can especially be helpful when choosing a TV for your camper or RV since these spaces are already configured to take maximum advantage of interior space. But there is often at least a bit of wall or cabinet face where you can mount a small-format television, letting you and your family enjoy shows and movies while camping without cluttering your limited space. Some small-format televisions are built to be portable. They feature carrying handles, making it easy to move them around or take them from a camper or RV to a picnic table. They're also incredibly compact, letting you tuck them into a cupboard or under a seat or bed when unused. These kinds of televisions are great for camping and tailgate parties with friends, so you can enjoy your favorite sports programs and games no matter where you are.

Smart TVs vs "Dumb" TVs

Smart televisions have become ubiquitous in home entertainment, and for a good reason, they allow you to access tens of thousands of shows, movies, and songs to stream and enjoy with family and friends. This makes it easy to watch a movie or catch up with your favorite shows while in bed or making dinner. However, a smart TV may not be the best choice for other uses. If you're shopping for a TV to put in your child's bedroom or playroom, having complete control over what will be displayed is paramount.

You can still find small-format televisions that aren't internet-enabled, allowing you to set boundaries and rules for what your children are allowed to watch and when. A "dumb" TV can be hooked up to a DVD or Blu-Ray player, so a child can only watch age-appropriate movies that you allow. As for watching regular TV shows, you can hook up an over-air antenna or cable or satellite box.

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