Here Are 25 Apps You Need to Remove from Your Android Phone Now

Google recently pulled dozens of apps for stealing social media credentials

Here's another reminder that you might want to pause before you download what looks like a fun or harmless app from a relatively unknown developer.

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Your favorite Android horoscope wallpaper that tells you how your day might go probably neglected to warn you that this might also be the day that someone steals your Facebook log-in credentials. Tech security firm Evina revealed this week that apps like this and two dozen others were carrying malware that could steal your social media login information.

Wait, what?! The Android apps that lived for more than a year in Google's Play app store range from card game playing apps to file managers, flashlights, and the aforementioned horoscope apps. Each of them carried a dangerous parcel of malware.

What did it do: While the apps might function properly in the foreground (though user reviews often belie even this), they were all dropping their dangerous payload in the background. The malware launches Facebook in the phone browser, making it appear as if it's part of the app start-up and log-in routine. If you log into Facebook, the malware, according to Evina, grabs the login credentials and sends them to a server.

Which apps: Evina provided a list of affected apps.

Evina malware apps

Where are these apps now: Evina reports working with Google to identify and have the latter company remove the apps from the apps store. Lifewire took a quick tour through Google Play and couldn't find any of the apps on the list.

Be careful: While, as BGR reports, Google will disable these downloaded apps on users phones and even notify users of what happened, that doesn't mean there aren't other potentially malware-carrying Android apps out there. So be careful and watch for any app that launches browser windows and log-in screens without your permission.

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