The 24/7 Traffic Collection Sling Bag Review

Many things fit into small, sleek packages.

The 24/7 Traffic Collection Sling Bag
The 24/7 Traffic

When it comes to video shoots, whether for friends or clients, the need to carry gear comfortably and safely is always at the top of the priority list. This writer is a self-professed camera bag junkie, investing in indestructible Nanuk cases (more on those next week), Dakine system backpacks and just about anything else a DSLR body and lenses would fit in.

Lately, the object of desire has been the Sling Bag from the 24/7 Traffic Collection. This sleek, high-end camera and accessory bag makes running, walking, biking or hopping a bus to a shoot a breeze. The bag we tested was ordered from Adorama for right around a hundred bucks. Though they offer other options, the portrait oriented, stylish design seemed like a great choice.

We brought the 24/7 Sling Bag along on a shoot to Toronto’s prestigious TIFF Lightbox, home base for the Toronto International Film Festival. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Sling Bag looked every bit as high-end Hollywood North as the building and theater we were shooting in. For the shoot, we were using DSLRs with telephoto prime lenses, and we found room for plenty of gear in the Sling Bag.

We packed two Canon 5D Mark III camera bodies, two Canon L Series prime telephoto lenses, and a handful of batteries and accessories in the bag. There was still plenty of room, so we used the tablet sleeve to pack up a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (though a MacBook Air, iPad Pro, or another computer tablet up to 12-inches would fit), and we found space leftover for our trusty backup - a Canon Vixia HF G20, and a portable hard drive for footage backup between takes.

Getting at gear is a breeze with the side “quick-draw” access panel. One quick zip and a camera are out and ready to shoot. The unique strap design allows the bag to swing from your back to front without taking the bag off. And while those features drew us in, the one we really loved was the card storage pocket on the inside of the bag. When swapping cards on the fly during a busy shoot, there's nothing quite as cool as a spot to safely place full cards.

The shoot took place over two snowy, slushy days and the built-in weather cover kept the already weather-resistant bag - and it’s valuable contents - dry and safe. While not something to be considered during a bag purchase, all we could think was how valuable this level of protection would be for the mobile shooter. Biking across a rainy city for a shoot, or leaving the bag on our back while walking around on a slushy day would normally be risky business. The 24/7 Sling Bag handled the conditions without breaking a sweat.

If we had one criticism, it might be that there is no one “master” zipper to open the bag up like a clamshell. The bag doesn’t suffer from the exclusion, but when really pushing the bag to its capacity limits it can get a bit claustrophobic to pack. There is no way to have an “at a glance” look at the entire interior, but at the same time, the layout of the pockets makes for a really secure experience. If somebody wanted to get their hands on my cameras or tablet they would have their work cut out for them.

Overall, there is a lot of space in a relatively small bag, which leaves us very little room for complaints. The trendy shoulder/chest strap looks amazing when lugging the bag around, and the slender profile keeps looking great without being ostentatious. It’s truly enjoyable wearing something that looks fantastic and doesn’t scream “steal me! I’m full of cameras!”. Additionally, the compartments are ample, customizable with velcro dividers, and the lightweight bag is durable with it’s water-resistant exterior.  

While this camera bag would look incredible anywhere, it’s hard not picturing it blazing down the bustling streets of New York City.