1Password Update Now Makes Logging in With Other Accounts Easier Than Ever

No more trying to remember if you signed up using Google or Facebook

Logging into sites and services via 1Password is getting easier thanks to a new update that can keep track of external credentials.

1Password's newest update allows the web browser extension to save your login credentials even when said credentials belong to a whole separate account. So it will not only remember your various passwords but also whether you signed in using a specific account (Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.).

Sign into Spotify with Facebook in 1Password


When you sign into (or sign up for) an account using a different service, 1Password will ask if you want it to remember the details. If the answer is "Yes," the extension will store all the details (what account was used for the site and the account's login info) for you. Then you'll be able to log back into the website in the future without having to remember which of the—presumably several—accounts is tied to it.

This feature extends to account credentials for Apple, GitHub, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Okta, and Twitter, storing the info in one of your 1Password vaults. And if you use multiple Gmail accounts, it can also track which specific one is associated with any of your logins.

If you already use 1Password, you can begin using the updated features now (or you can download the browser extension if you aren't using it yet). The changes are available for Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox web browsers, while the mobile versions (for iOS and Android) of 1Password 8 will let you view or edit your logins directly through the app.

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