1Password Introduces Feature to Hide Your Real Email Address

Keep your email address protected from breaches and unwanted spam

1Password has introduced a new secure email feature to keep your real email address private from the apps and services you sign up for. 

Masked Email, developed in collaboration with Fastmail, creates a new and unique email address on the fly, according to the company’s blog post published on Tuesday. The feature can be used to protect your email from breaches and keep it more private or to limit the spam and promotional emails in your inbox. 

Masked Email feature

“When you’re asked to enter an email address, 1Password will show you an option to create a new email instead,” 1Password’s blog post reads. 

“If you start receiving unwanted emails you can easily identify which services shared, leaked, or sold your email address.”

The feature also allows you to create a new email directly in the sign-up prompt, so you don’t have to be redirected to do so. However, Masked Email is only available if you have both a 1Password and a Fastmail account. Fastmail accounts will show a mask icon in the upper right corner of an email if new mail arrives in your Masked Email address. 

Email privacy has become a hot topic these days, as spam emails have significantly increased since the start of the pandemic. Even Apple added a new Mail Privacy Protection feature in the recent iOS 15 update that allows users to hide their IP addresses and other tracking data.

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