1Password Adds Easier Passkey Support for App and Website Designers

Go fully passwordless, or make it a login option

1Password has begun testing Passage, claiming to give businesses and developers a faster and simpler way to start offering passkeys for their users.

Passkeys have quickly become the primary approach to passwordless account logins, and now 1Password is offering assistance to those who want to set them up for their own apps or websites. The company promises Passage will take the work out of setting up passkeys, whether you want to use them exclusively or just make them an option.

Passkeys with 1Password


There are two passkey options available via Passage: Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex. Complete replaces previous login methods with an entirely passwordless approach—defaulting to passkeys but also offering other unspecified passwordless login methods. It also promises smooth account recovery should users run into passkey sign-in problems and claims it's simple to implement.

Passkey Flex is, as the name implies, a more flexible option that doesn't replace user logins with passkeys but presents them as an alternate choice when signing in. 1Password promises that Flex will work with the solutions an app or site already has in place (so there is no need to redesign anything), and it can continue to change over time as passwords are phased out.

Both Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex are available in open beta now, though 1Password has not stated when either beta is expected to end.

Regardless, you can now integrate passkeys in your own websites and apps as an entirely new sign-in method or as an alternative to your current methods. And if you use any sites or apps that handle logging in through 1Password, you can probably expect them to begin testing passkeys soon.

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