1Password 8 Is Out for Mac, With Some New Features

A new look, improved performance, and more

1Password 8 has come to Macs in full, with a visual look that's more in line with Apple's operating system and several improved features.

This newest iteration of 1Password isn't technically new in that it saw an early access release back in 2021, but 1Password 8 is the 'finished' version that was refined with months of feedback. The most apparent change is to the visual design, which utilizes a style similar to macOS along with new iconography to make identifying items easier. More information is also included in the interface, with detailed views to tell you who has access to an item and who else might gain access if you move it.

1Password 8 for Mac, locked


The new version of the app has also been more streamlined to make using it a bit smoother. Autofill for passwords is available from within other apps, and you can log into websites with saved details without having to open 1Password. There's also an option for "guided experiences" to help you learn more about features you may not be as familiar with.

1Password 8 for Mac, unlocked


Security and privacy have also been adjusted in 1Password 8, using up-to-date industry standards like end-to-end encryption, stricter certifications, and more. It also supports biometric authentication (if your Mac has TouchID built-in), and its Watchtower Dashboard will point out possible risks like weak or compromised passwords.

You can download 1Password 8 for Mac now at no cost and try it for free for 14 days, but a subscription of at least $35.88 per year (individual) will be necessary to keep using it. 1Password 8 also requires at least macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, so if you have an older operating system, you'll have to use an earlier version of the app instead.

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