Linksys Router Admin IP Address

Use this address to set up a new router or update settings on an existing one

Linksys WRT1900ACS Wi-Fi Broadband Router


The IP address is normally used by Linksys broadband routers and sometimes by other brands of network routers or home network gateway equipment.

Network administrators use this address when setting up a new router or updating settings for an existing one. The same address can also be used on business computer networks.

Technically a computer, printer or another device can be set up to use this address instead of a router, but that's not a recommended network setup as it can easily lead to IP address conflicts. belongs to the private IP address range that starts with and extends through

Connecting to a Linksys Router Using

It isn't always necessary to know your router's IP address. Phones and other devices typically can find the router by its name (SSID) whenever they need to get online. However, knowing the address becomes important when setting up a new router initially or when troubleshooting a home network problem.

Screenshot of Google Chrome browser with IP in the address bar.
Type the IP address into your address bar of any browser.

If the router has an IP address of, you can connect to it by opening a web browser and visiting:

This allows you to log in to the router's administrator console and access its configuration screens. The procedure may fail for these reasons:

  • The router has failed and is unresponsive to connections via the browser.
  • The router is set up to use a different address than
  • The computer and its browser failed to join the network.

How to Determine Your Router's IP Address

If the router is not set up to use, check the manufacturer's documentation or website to find the correct address and try again. Other common router addresses are and, but there are too many possibilities to guess them all.

Troubleshooting an Unresponsive Router

Network troubleshooting steps should be followed to determine why a router set up at is not responding. The issue may lie with the router itself, with the client device, or with the connection in between such as cabling or wireless interference issues. 

Even if a router at is functioning correctly, the computer's network setup may be wrong, which causes connections to the router to malfunction in various ways.