A Quick Overview of the Network IP 192.1.1

192.1.1 Is a Public Network Address

Wireless network
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192.1.1 refers to the range of public IP addresses between and, but don't confuse it with the 192.168.1 network.

Home networks commonly use the to address range since many broadband routers are configured by default to use this private IP network. Unlike 192.168.1, however, 192.1.1 is intended to be used by public internet hosts only.

Who Uses the 192.1.1 Network Range?

Remember that 192.1.1 itself is not an IP address. An address consists of four parts, such as an address that's a part of this range, like This means that devices can't use 192.1.1 as their IP address in any way, even as a static IP address.

Not only can this address not be used for routers or client IP addresses but also for anything that interfaces directly with the public internet. This is because this whole range of addresses is already reserved for public use. This can definitely be confusing since 192.1.1 looks an awful lot like private addresses such as

However, on the internet, the IP address range through is registered to Raytheon BBN Technologies (originally called Bolt, Beranek, and Newman). This includes every address between those two, such as, and