123TeachMe Review

Learn Spanish for Free Using 123TeachMe

123TeachMe is a popular language learning website that has lessons, quizzes, games, videos, audio, and more to help you learn Spanish for free.

The website is easy to navigate and you don't even need a user account to get started.

123TeachMe free Spanish learning website

Languages You Can Learn at 123TeachMe

Unlike some language learning websites that offer several or dozens of languages, you can only learn Spanish at 123TeachMe.

To learn another language, like German, English, Russian, Italian, French, and many others, see our Best Free Language Learning Websites list.

How 123TeachMe Works

123TeachMe uses audio, text, images, and interactive methods to teach you Spanish. It doesn't make you start with easy lessons that progress to harder ones. Instead, you're given free reign to start and move anywhere you want.

You can start learning Spanish at 123TeachMe without making a user account. All the material is freely available to the public, which means you can get started immediately.

From the 123TeachMe home page are different sections that will get you started off with resources like free courses and games. There's also a verb conjugator, sentence maker, and English to Spanish text translator.

The Spanish courses include Basic Survival Spanish, Travel Spanish, Spanish for Work, Dental Spanish, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Nurses, and Business Spanish.

Some of the study resources include Spanish Lessons 101, Spanish Lessons 201, Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Printable Spanish Worksheets, and more.

123TeachMe free Spanish lesson
Spanish Lessons 101.

There are also medical-related resources like a dictionary, flashcards, and vocabulary lessons.

Every day, new content is added to the Word of the Day, Phrase of the Day, and Verb of the Day sections, all of which let you subscribe to an RSS feed for fast updates.

The Spanish Worksheet Creator is a free tool that lets you build your own PDF files for learning Spanish. You can choose the type of worksheet to build—like word match, spelling descramble, sentence matcher, or fill in the blanks—as well as the categories you should be tested on, such as weather, space, school, geography, etc.

Spanish for Kids at 123TeachMe

One of the best parts of 123TeachMe is their section that's made specifically for kids who are learning Spanish.

On the Spanish for kids page are games, flashcards, quizzes, music videos, short stories, worksheets, grammar lessons, videos in Spanish, and more. Through audio, text, and illustrations, kids can learn Spanish in a fun way.

The Spanish games for kids at 123TeachMe are very fun, too, and the kids will love them.

Thoughts on 123TeachMe

123TeachMe is a great learning tool primarily because it gives you the freedom to jump around the courses and games to do what you want, whenever you want. Sometimes, it can seem counterproductive being restricted to a particular lesson that you must finish before moving forward, which is what some similar language learning websites require.

An obvious disadvantage to using 123TeachMe is that it can only teach you Spanish. But it's great if that's the only language you're trying to learn. See our reviews of Duolingo and busuu for two other free websites that support more languages than just Spanish.